Does your shed need re-felting?

There's nothing more annoying than discovering everything in your Shed or Summerhouse is now saturated because the roof felt has finally  blown off! And it's not a job you've really got time for - firstly having to visit the DIY centre to buy the felt & nails then finding the ladder is just too long and the steps are way too short. Then the felt that's left seems to be held on by 4" nails as it doesn't want to come off even though the other half is already in your neighbours pond! Finally you get to nail the last peice into place, after having to recruit the other neighbours son to hold one end whilst you wield the hammer at a near impossible angle, it's then you discover you've cut the felt too short and now need to 'bodge' a bit on or buy another roll for the sake of 3". You definately need to give Creaky Leaky Shed Roofing a call on 0784 790 7777  we have the  knowledge & expertise to get it right.

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Then feel free to ring or email us.  if necessary we can arrange a visit, often things are not as bad as it looks - and we could save you the expense of a new shed or summerhouse.

things you can do to help that new roof last longer!

Try to keep any overhanging trees or bushes trimmed to prevent them rubbing on the roof felt or cover, a common cause of roof damage.

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OVER 10 years experience

We have been selling and assembling garden buildings for over 10 years. Last year we decided to offer a re-felting service and haven't stopped since!

We are a local business working in the Bristol & North Somerset area - specialising in re-felting & repairing Garden buildings. We offer a quick reliable service returning your garden building back to a useful watertight state. Call us or e-mail for a free quote.

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