We Have More Than 10 Years of Experience

We know from experience the damage that just a few weeks of rain water getting into your shed or summerhouse can cause. Not only does it usually damage every thing inside you have stored, but quickly causes timber rot to occur firstly into the roof edges, then after a while the floor base around the walls undermining the strength of the building itself. Once the rot gets into the wall and floor supports it's usually irretrievable and a new shed will be the next requirement. Keeping the rain out is fundamental to prevent this - so act now before it's too late!


We have been selling & assembling garden sheds, summerhouses, playhouses etc for over 10 years, it was a natural progression to offer a re-felting service alongside. We have built up a vast experience of working on all different shapes and sizes of garden buildings and gained a great reputation for a our tidy work and quality finish and we are often referred by previous customers, something we really appreciate!