We also offer a relatively new product EDPM shed cover. Now extensively used in the roofing trade as a good alternative to roofing felt on flat roofs, garages etc. It is guaranteed for 20 years but has been found to last considerably longer and is ideal if you seeking longevity for your shed/Summerhouse. 

EDPM Shed cover requires a decent quality roof free from rot with no loose or damaged planks etc.

It is a one piece 'rubber membrane' which is stretched over the roof and secured on both sides with an aluminium section. You can then either use your existing trims or have Black aluminium trims fitted.

We offer two types of roof felt :-


Heavy Duty Top sheet

Green mineral surfaced and twice as thick as standard felt.
It can be expected to last between 7-10 years and our most popular service.    

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Standard Grade Shed felt                 ​

Green mineral surfaced                                     
Lasts usually between 3 - 5 years subject to exposure.